Google AI Residency Program

The Google AI Residency Program is a 12-month research training role designed to jumpstart or advance your career in machine learning research.

Residents will be embedded alongside distinguished scientists and engineers from an option of research teams, choosing placements within the Google Brain team, Perception, Natural Language Understanding or Google AI New York. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to collaborate and partner closely with various research groups across Google and Alphabet, including Google Accelerated Sciences, X, and Google Cloud AI.

The program was created in 2015 with the goal of training and supporting the next generation of deep learning researchers. With deep learning and other machine learning subfields fast becoming a critical area for a broad range of applications, people from a wide range of disciplines are beginning to realize the importance and impact of this area of research. With growing interest in the field, there is a corresponding need for researchers with hands-on experience in machine learning techniques and methodologies.

Meet some of our current residents

Since the program’s launch, we have welcomed two cohorts of Residents, and we're now expanding the program's scope to a broader group of teams doing machine learning research. By drawing on Google's state-of-the-art resources and research experience, we provide Residents on the program the skills that will enable them to tackle some of the world's greatest machine learning challenges.

Learn more about life as an AI Resident

Our Residents bring a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. Learn more from Residents past and present about what it’s like to be in the program.

Resident papers accepted to ICML, 2018

Residents are encouraged to read papers, work on research projects, and publish in top-tier venues. These are the Resident papers that were accepted to ICML this year.

AI Residency FAQ

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