Partnerships to improve our AI products

Our approach to developing and harnessing the potential of AI is grounded in our mission—to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. With Generative AI, we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible, and our goal is to make AI helpful for everyone. That means:

  • Helping individuals: AI is part of everyday life—from improving knowledge and learning with tools like Google Translate or Search to helping with routine tasks, like spell check or directions in Maps.

  • Helping businesses: Enabling developers, businesses and other organizations to build their own transformative products and solve complex challenges with AI.

  • Helping society at large: AI presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help the world combat and manage natural disasters, help doctors detect diseases earlier, and much more.

How and why we partner to improve our AI products

To develop and improve our AI models, we train primarily on publicly available, crawlable data from the web, drawn from sources like blog posts and public forums, which we believe is a transformative and fair use that enables innovation. We've also introduced new tools to help give web publishers choice and control.

As we continue to explore how AI can enable new experiences and capabilities for people around the globe, we’re identifying specific types of data and content delivery methods that can help enhance our models and services. We’re engaging with a focused set of content providers to evaluate key factors, like the usefulness of their content and the utility of delivery mechanisms like API access.

To help improve our AI capabilities, we’re exploring limited partnerships that include delivery of content in a few key areas: closed and offline datasets, enhanced metadata and signals, as well as real-time structured factual information for verification purposes. We’re prioritizing data sets in areas such as science, mathematics, and learning contexts. We engage in partnerships that not only focus on data that’s most beneficial for improving our models, but also benefit the broader services and product experiences we make available to users.

We’re also engaging with the ecosystem to explore new types of partnership and value-exchange models. Through this engagement and experimentation, we aim to learn more about the value of different types of content and how we can continue to create mutually beneficial collaborations in the future.

AI is a transformational technology that can bring meaningful and positive change to people, businesses and societies across the world. Together we can make this technology—including generative AI—even more helpful for everyone.