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  • Gemini 1.0 Ultra

    Gemini models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation Code generation

    Gemini 1.0 Ultra

    Our largest model for highly complex tasks.

    Performance excellence

    From natural image, audio, and video understanding to mathematical reasoning, performance exceeds current state-of-the-art results on 30 of the 32 widely-used academic and multimodal benchmarks used in large language model research and development.

    Advanced reasoning

    The first model to outperform human experts on massive multitask language understanding, which uses 57 subjects such as math, physics, history, law, medicine, ethics, and more for testing both world knowledge and problem solving abilities.

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  • Gemini 1.5 Pro

    Gemini models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation Code generation

    Gemini 1.5 Pro

    Our best model for general performance across a wide range of tasks.

    Complex reasoning about vast amounts of information

    Can seamlessly analyze, classify and summarize large amounts of content within a given prompt.

    Better reasoning across modalities

    Can perform highly sophisticated understanding and reasoning tasks for different modalities.

    Problem-solving with longer blocks of code

    When given a prompt with more than 100,000 lines of code, it can better reason across examples, suggest helpful modifications and give explanations about how different parts of the code works.

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  • Gemini 1.0 Pro

    Gemini models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation Code generation

    Gemini 1.0 Pro

    Our best model for scaling across a wide range of tasks.

    Complex reasoning systems

    Fine-tuned both to be a coding model to generate proposal solution candidates, and to be a reward model that is leveraged to recognize and extract the most promising code candidates.

    Advanced audio understanding

    Significantly outperforms the USM and Whisper models across all ASR and AST tasks, both for English and multilingual test sets.

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  • Gemini 1.0 Nano

    Gemini models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation Code generation

    Gemini 1.0 Nano

    Our most efficient model for on-device tasks.

    Reasoning, functionality & language understanding

    Excels at on-device tasks, such as summarization, reading comprehension, text completion tasks, and exhibits impressive capabilities in reasoning, STEM, coding, multimodal, and multilingual tasks relative to their sizes.

    Broad accessibility

    With capabilities accessible to a larger set of platforms and devices, the Gemini models expand accessibility to everyone.

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  • Gemini 1.5 Flash

    Gemini models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation Code generation

    Gemini 1.5 Flash

    Our lightweight model, optimized for speed and efficiency.

    Built for speed

    Sub-second average first-token latency for the vast majority of developer and enterprise use cases.

    Quality at lower cost

    On most common tasks, 1.5 Flash achieves comparable quality to larger models, at a fraction of the cost.

    Long-context understanding

    Process hours of video and audio, and hundreds of thousands of words or lines of code.

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  • PaLM 2

    Ready for developers Text generation Code generation

    PaLM 2

    A state-of-the-art language model with improved multilingual, reasoning and coding capabilities.

    Advanced reasoning

    Demonstrates improved capabilities in logic, common sense reasoning, and mathematics.

    Multilingual translation

    Improved its ability to understand, generate and translate nuanced text — including idioms, poems and riddles. PaLM 2 also passes advanced language proficiency exams at the “mastery” level.

    Improved coding

    Excels at popular programming languages like Python and JavaScript, but is also capable of generating specialized code in languages like Prolog, Fortran, and Verilog.

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  • Imagen

    Ready for developers Image generation


    A family of text-to-image models with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding.

    High quality Images

    Achieves accurate, high-quality photorealistic outputs with improved image+text understanding and a variety of novel training and modeling techniques.

    Text rendering support

    Text-to-image models often struggle to include text accurately. Imagen 3 improves this process, ensuring the correct words or phrases appear in the generated images.

    Prompt understanding

    Imagen 3 understands prompts written in natural, everyday language, making it easier to get the output you want without complex prompt engineering.


    Includes built-in safety precautions to help ensure that generated images align with Google’s Responsible AI principles.

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  • Codey

    Ready for developers Code generation


    A family of models that generate code based on a natural language description. It can be used to create functions, web pages, unit tests, and other types of code.

    Code completion

    Suggests the next few lines based on the existing context of code.

    Code generation

    Generates code based on natural language prompts from a developer.

    Code chat

    Lets developers converse with a bot to get help with debugging, documentation, learning new concepts, and other code-related questions.

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  • Chirp

    Ready for developers Text generation


    A family of universal Speech Models trained on 12 million hours of speech to enable automatic speech recognition (ASR) for 100+ languages.

    Broad language support

    Can transcribe in over 100 languages with excellent speech recognition.

    High accuracy

    Achieves state-of-the-art Word Error Rate (WER) on a variety of public test sets and languages. It delivers 98% speech recognition accuracy in English and over 300% relative improvement in several languages with less than 10M speakers.

    Large model size

    Chirp's 2-billion-parameter model outpaces previous speech models to deliver superior performance.

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  • Veo

    Video generation


    Our most capable generative video model. A tool to explore new applications and creative possibilities with video generation.

    Advanced Cinematic effects

    With just text prompts, it creates high-quality, 1080P videos that can go beyond 60 seconds. Lets you control the camera, and prompt for things like time lapse or aerial shots of a landscape.

    Detail and tone understanding

    Interprets and visualizes the tone of prompts. Subtle cues in body language, lighting, and even color choices could dramatically shift the look of a generated video.

    Improved consistency and quality of video

    Able to retain visual consistency in appearance, locations and style across multiple scenes in a longer video.

    More control

    Veo allows users to edit videos through prompts, including modifying, adding or replacing visual elements and it can generate a video from an image input, using the image to fit within any frame of the output and the prompt as guidance for how the video should proceed.

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  • MedLM

    Industry-specific Ready for developers Text generation


    A family of models fine-tuned for the healthcare industry.

    Transform your healthcare workflow

    Revolutionizes the way medical information is accessed, analyzed, and applied. Reduces administrative burdens and helps synthesize information seamlessly.

    Build customized solutions

    MedLM is a customizable solution that can embed into your workflow and integrate with your data to augment your healthcare capabilities.

    Innovate safely and responsibly

    Born from a belief that together, technology and medical experts can innovate safely, MedLM helps you stay on the cutting edge.

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  • LearnLM

    Industry-specific Text generation


    A family of models fine-tuned for learning, infused with teacher-advised education capabilities and pedagogical evaluations.

    Inspire active learning

    Allow for practice and healthy struggle with timely feedback.

    Manage cognitive load

    Present relevant, well-structured information in multiple modalities.

    Adapt to learner

    Dynamically adjust to goals and needs, grounding in relevant materials.

    Stimulate curiosity

    Inspire engagement to provide motivation through the learning journey.

    Deepen metacognition

    Plan, monitor and help the learner reflect on progress.

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  • SecLM

    Industry-specific Text generation


    A family of models fine-tuned for cybersecurity.

    Industry-leading threat data

    Tuned, trained and grounded in threat intelligence from Google, VirusTotal, and Mandiant to bring up-to-date security information and context to users.

    Infused in Google Cloud Security products

    Gemini in Security agents use SecLM to help defenders protect their organizations.

    Supercharging security use cases

    Cybersecurity professionals can easily make sense of complex information and perform specialized tasks and workflows.

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  • Gemma

    Open models Ready for developers Text generation


    A family of lightweight, state-of-the-art open models from Google, built from the same research and technology used to create the Gemini models.

    Responsible by design

    Incorporating comprehensive safety measures, these models help ensure responsible and trustworthy AI solutions through curated datasets and rigorous tuning.

    Unmatched performance at size

    Gemma models achieve exceptional benchmark results at its 2B and 7B sizes, even outperforming some larger open models.

    Framework flexible

    With Keras 3.0, enjoy seamless compatibility with JAX, TensorFlow, and PyTorch, empowering you to effortlessly choose and switch frameworks depending on your task.

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  • CodeGemma

    Open models Ready for developers Code generation


    A collection of lightweight open code models built on top of Gemma. CodeGemma models perform a variety of tasks like code completion, code generation, code chat, and instruction following.

    Intelligent code completion and generation

    Complete lines, functions, and even generate entire blocks of code, whether you're working locally or using Google Cloud resources.

    Enhanced accuracy

    Trained on 500 billion tokens data from web documents, mathematics, and code. Generates code that's not only more syntactically correct but also semantically meaningful, reducing errors and debugging time.

    Multi-language proficiency

    Supports Python, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Rust, Go, and other languages.

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  • RecurrentGemma

    Open models Ready for developers Text generation


    A technically distinct model that leverages recurrent neural networks and local attention to improve memory efficiency.

    Reduced memory usage

    Lower memory requirements allow for the generation of longer samples on devices with limited memory, such as single GPUs or CPUs.

    Higher throughput

    Can perform inference at significantly higher batch sizes, thus generating substantially more tokens per second (especially when generating long sequences).

    Research innovation

    Showcases a non-transformer model that achieves high performance, highlighting advancements in deep learning research.

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  • PaliGemma

    Open models Ready for developers Multimodal Text generation


    Our first multimodal Gemma model, designed for class-leading fine-tune performance across diverse vision-language tasks.

    Powerful fine tuning

    Designed for class-leading fine-tune performance on a wide range of vision-language tasks like:

    • image and short video captioning
    • visual question answering
    • understanding text in images
    • object detection
    • and object segmentation

    Extensive language support

    Supports a wide range of languages.

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Responsibility is the bedrock of all of our models.

*SynthID helps identify AI-generated content by embedding an imperceptible watermark on text, images, audio, and video content generated by our models.

Responsibility is the bedrock of all of our models.

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AI is helping us deliver on our mission in exciting new ways, yet it's still an emerging technology that surfaces new challenges and questions as it evolves.

To us, building AI responsibly means both addressing these challenges and questions while maximizing the benefits for people and society. In navigating this complexity, we’re guided by our AI Principles and cutting-edge research, along with feedback from experts, users, and partners.

These efforts are helping us continually improve our models with new advances like AI-assisted redteaming and prevent their misuse with technologies like SynthID. They are also unlocking exciting, real-world progress towards some of society’s most pressing challenges like predicting floods and accelerating research on neglected diseases.