I am an AI resident on the Brain team in Montréal, QC.
I graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique with a focus on Applied Math in 2014 and pursued a M.S. in Computer Science at Columbia University thereafter. Before joining the residency program, I spent time in a marketing startup in NYC where I built customer segmentation models for large U.S. retailers, and later on I worked at Spotify on music recommendation systems for the Discover Weekly and Home features.
I joined the residency program with a strong desire to do research in reinforcement learning. I am now advised by world class researchers in this domain who help me ramp up on relevant literature, define research ideas, and offer precious mentoring on how to turn those ideas into results. The research environment at Google AI is luxurious: there are frequent talks, reading groups, and internal conferences. Additionally, the Google Brain team possesses world class talents, and we have access to massive computing resources. My research interests include developing a better algorithmic understanding of reinforcement learning as well as expanding the span of RL into new tasks that relate to real world applications.
I am also an avid lover of Leonard Cohen, Japanese cuisine, and football.