I work at Google as a Staff Software Engineer, enabling automated analysis of Medical Images.

I joined Google in October 2007. Originally focused on advancing Software Test Automation, my interest shifted towards scalable large infrastructure, getting involved with the Web Search Stack or YouTube Copyright Detection. Beyond the data scaling efforts I was also dedicated to localization solutions, enabling proper language- and regionspecific web search results for users - both via algorithmic solutions and via ecosystem enablers like webpage annotations across search engines.

My interest on infrastructure projects expanded from server platforms to mobile platforms, enabling data-processing and synchronization solutions at scale on mobile devices, keeping the different priorities, e.g. mindfulness of the battery of the user, in mind.

In 2018 I switched field and joined the Medical Images effort within Google Brain to advance the medical field. This combines my profession (IT) with my passion (the medical field), I am excited about all the discoveries ahead of us.

I grew up, studied and started my career in Vienna (Austria), where my initial focus was on testing automation solutions - both in terms of product testing as well as protocol testing for mobile phone networks.
In 2007 I moved to Zurich (Switzerland) and was living there until 2018, when I joined Google Brain in Mountain View.