AI in action

AI is helping people everywhere solve problems in exciting new ways.

Transforming products from the inside out

By bringing together hardware, software, and AI, we’re making devices faster, smarter and more useful. Learn more about our efforts to use AI to create new product experiences on the Pixel phone and new paradigms for on-device machine learning.

TensorFlow for everyone

Organizations big and small are using TensorFlow, our open-source machine learning library, in creative and powerful ways. Meet the team behind Connecterra, a company that’s using machine learning to keep cows healthy and dairy farms efficient.

Making AI accessible to every business

Cloud AutoML allows developers, researchers and businesses with limited AI expertise to build their own custom models. Discover how teams at Google took AutoML from a moonshot research project to a beta product that’s already enabling customers to leverage the power of AI.

Applying AI research to new domains

We're bringing advances in AI research to applied sciences to help solve problems for the world. In one of our latest projects, we search for a sustainable energy source to power the next 100 years.


Research is core to our mission to bring the benefits of AI to everyone