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We develop innovative techniques & algorithms in Natural Language Understanding, focusing on improving Google services and user experiences.

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Our team comprises multiple research groups working on a range of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) projects. We collaborate closely with teams across Google, leveraging efficient algorithms, neural networks, and graphical and probabilistic models to help guide product development and direction. In doing so, the Google NLU team enables natural and assistive communication with users, finds answers to user questions, analyzes app store reviews for developers, and more.

Our researchers are experts in traditional natural language processing and machine learning, and combine methodological research with applied science. All of our NLU engineers are equally involved in long-term research efforts and driving immediate applications of our technology. Our systems also benefit greatly from Google linguists, who provide valuable labelled data and assist in enabling internationalization.

Recent research interests of the Google NLU team include syntax, discourse, conversation, multilingual modeling, sentiment analysis, question answering, summarization, and generally building better learners using labeled and unlabeled data, state-of-the-art modeling, and indirect supervision.

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