Troubleshooting PON networks effectively with Carrier-grade Ethernet and WDM-PON


WDM-PONs have recently emerged to provide dedicated and separated point-to-point wavelengths to individual Optical Network Units (ONTs). In addition, the recently standardised Ethernet OAM capabilities under the IEEE 802.1ag standard and the ITU-T Y.1731 recommendation, together with state-of-the-art Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) provide new link-layer and physical tools for the effective troubleshooting of WDM-PONs. This article proposes an Integrated Troubleshooting Box (ITB) for the effectively combination of both physical and link-layer information into an effective and efficient set of management procedures for WDM-PONs. We show its applicability in a number of realistic troubleshooting scenarios, including failure situations involving either the feeder fibre, one of its branches and even Ethernet links after the ONT.